Brief Introduction of Tainan Importers & Exporters Chamber of Commerce

The past 70 years’ history of Tainan Importers & Exporters Chamber of Commerce

       The Chamber was founded by Mr. Wang Kai Uen and a group of elite traders in Tainan on Dec. 24, 1949.  The purpose of the Chamber is to unit all the traders in Tainan, cooperative each other and making contribution to the development of trading business and service to all members.  After 60 years’ effort by the leaders, the chamber has progressed as a pioneer and leading trading organization in Taiwan.


       At the very beginning, the Chamber had only 170 company members and rent its office from other organization.  Through the effort of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Director-General Mr. Ong Kim Hu, Mr. Huang Ye, the members had increased up to 214 companies.  At that time, Taiwan and Japan signed a Trading Agreement just help the progress of this Chamber.


       Again, Mr. Ong Kim Hu came back as the 5th and 6th Director-General, he worked together with all directors and borrowed NT1,000 from members and built the office building in No. 80 Kuan yuan Road, Tainan in July 1960.


       Mr. Wang Chen, the 7th and 8th Director-General, used the Army Service Donation Fund collected from all members and through the helps of Mr. Hu Rong Pao, Tainan County Government, Mr. Sin Wer Been, Tainan City Mayor, Mr. Lin Si Juan, the Director General of Unite Chambers of Taiwan, Mr. Chen Been Hun, the general manager of Army Friendship Organization built the Army Hero Building at Chian Kan Road and chamber office was built beside it.


       Mr. Ro Berlin, the 9th 10th Director-General, got the help from Government to improve the competition power and working quality of the members.


       Mr. Ye Yuan Fu, the 11th Director-General worked together with Taiwan Foreign Trade Developing Council to establish a trading library in Tainan.  Mr. Cheng Seng Chew, the 12th & 13th Director-General, used all his effort to save expenditure and reserved working capital and established a firm financial foundation of the commerce.  Mr. Chen Mu, the 14th, 15th Director-General bought the current office building at Cheng Kong Road, the dream to have standard office and meeting rooms therefore finalized.


       Mr. Wang Su Choung, the 16th, 17th Director-General, in order to develop the trade relationship with Japan, he held a Trade Fair in Yamagada and Sendal in Japan.


       Mr. Kou Yaw Tang, the 18th, 19th Director-General, further more, established the sister relationships with Yamagata Chamber of Commerce & Industry and bought a piece of land about 500 square meters to congratulate the 40th anniversary.


       Mr. Cheng Yung Long, Mr. Lin Tzu Hsiung both the 20th Director-General followed the rules of proceeding leaders worked for the good prospect of the chamber.


       Mr. Tong Chen, the 21th Director-General made great effort to cooperate with international trading organization, held the trade fairs and had created the business opportunities and pushed the chamber into the international stage.


       Mr. Liu Yang I, the 22th Director-General made effort to have good service to all members and established the sister relationships with the Himeji Chamber of Commerce and Industry.                  .


      Mr. Shu Kou Reng, the 23th Director-General made a further step to establish sister relationships with the Himeji Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Shin Tzu county Importer and Exporter Chamber of Commerce and organized many trade developing groups to visit many foreign countries.


       Mr. Kou Wu Shan, the 24th and running Director-General is doing hard working for the celebration of 60 Anniversary and increasing the service to all 231 members.



The service of Tainan Importers & Exporters Chamber of Commerce

        The service of the chamber includes:

  • As the bridge of all members and government, supplying the business information, and issuing trade bulletin to the members.
  • Holding the trade fair, business and investment seminar and organize trade

developing visit group to foreign countries.

  • Building good relationship with all foreign trading representations in Taiwan to

Increase trading opportunities with overseas.


The organization of Tainan Importers & Exporters Chamber of Commerce

The General Congress is the top right organization of the chamber.  The board is top managing organization.  The Director -General is the leader of the board.  Beside, the Director-General, there are four managing directors, 10 directors and 5 auxiliary directors.  Except the managing board, the chamber has a supervisors group, including chief supervisor and 4 supervisors and auxiliary supervisor.  The chamber has also three groups of advisors, 8 past director generals, 6 business advisors and 4 law advisors.  Under the board, there are four committees including general service, business service, financial service and trading service, each leading by the four managing directors.